Redotex is ultimate weight loss drug that will help you lose 6 pounds in just one week.

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What is Redotex?

Redotex is a drug that is sometimes prescribed or recommended as a weight loss aid. It is produced in Mexico by the Medix pharmaceutical company.

Redotex is ultimate weight loss drug that will help you lose 6 pounds in just one week. It is believed to be the easiest and most secured way of losing weight.

How redotex works

This pills make some amazing claims that it can assist customers to get rid of up to 6 pounds in 1 week, and that too without including exercise and diet. The nervous system is straight impacted with the stimulant added, and it also targets the digestive system.


The main components of Redotex are as follows.

D-norpseudoephedrine hydrochloride : is a drug derived from ephedrine, very rapid absorption, which acts directly on the hypothalamus to produce satiety and reduce appetite. It also promotes the burning of fat.
L-triiodothyronine (T3) : it is a synthetic compound that acts as endogenous thyroid hormone; that is, it helps you accelerate the basal metabolism.
Atropine : is an alkaloid that acts on your brain to eliminate reflex salivation and gastric secretion, associated with hunger. In other words, it eliminates the physiological signs that you normally do realize that feel hunger or desire to eat.
Aloína : artificial light is a laxative that helps you avoid constipation that can cause Redotex other components, such as atropine.
Diazepam : is a benzodiazepine anxiolytic type of regulating your moods to spare anxiety and compulsive overeating.


For the dosage, you may take one capsule in the morning before eating breakfast. Do this for 3 consecutive weeks and then stop at the 4th week. After stopping for full 7 days, you may start the cycle if you wish to.

Use of this product should not take longer than 12 weeks in a year or it will cause serious adverse reactions and side effects. Remember not to take more than 1 pill a day.

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