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    Name: Lunesta Dosage: 3mg

    Lunesta 3mg (Eszopiclone)

    Lunesta 3mg (Eszopiclone) is a non-benzodiazepine, oral, sedative drug (“sleeping pill”) that is used for treating insomnia.

    Name: Lunesta

    Dosage: 3mg

    Name:Rivotril Dosage: 2mg

    Rivotril 2mg (Clonazepam)

    Rivotril 2mg (Clonazepam) is typically prescribed to treat conditions like panic disorder, anxiety, and certain types of seizures.


    Dosage: 2mg

    Name:Valium Dosage: 10mg

    Valium 10mg (Diazepam)

    Valium 10mg (Diazepam) oral tablet is used to treat symptoms caused by alcohol withdrawal, such as agitation or tremors.


    Dosage: 10mg

    Name:Xanax Dosage: 2mg

    Xanax 2mg (Alprazolam)

    Xanax 2mg (Alprazolam) helps by promoting sleep, reducing anxiety and worry.


    Dosage: 2mg

    Name: Delestrogen Dosage: 5mg/mL Package: 5 mL Vial per pack

    Delestrogen 20mg/mL (Estradiol valerate injection)

    Delestrogen 5mg/mL may also be used by women who are not able to produce enough estrogen and by men to treat prostate cancer.

    Name: Delestrogen

    Dosage: 5mg/mL

    Package: 5 mL Vial per pack

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